About Me

Every breath is a gift.  Every heartbeat, every friendship, all of our freedoms… it’s all a gift.

It’s a beautiful thing really, it makes me realize that with every breath, with every heartbeat, with all my friends, and all my freedoms that I should strive to live for something more than just myself.

And it will do me good to remember how excellently absurd it is that I would be given all that I have.  And as quickly as it was given it can walk away just as quick.  Every breath and every heart beat counts.

My name is Kevin Dunn just in case you didn’t know already.  I live in Decatur, Illinois which is affectionately reffered to as the armpit of Illinois.  Yet I remain pretty content in my stinky and smoggy surroundings.  The goal of my life is to live as though my life is a gift that was given just as quickly as it can be taken; a life of downward mobility much like that of Jesus, Ghandi, and Mother Theresa.  I am far from there but with grace from my savior, the care and concern from my community, the company of my close friends, and my own inner strength to pick myself up when I fail hopefully I will be able to keep myself following fast in that direction.

This blog is meant as an outlet during this journey.  A compilation of my thoughts, experiences, observations, stories, and any random thing I feel like expressing.  I hope my friends find strength, hope, light, truth, and love through the many pages of this blog that will unfold out of my heart.  I hope for this blog to be a place where my experiences can be shared and become part of a much bigger story.  A story that intertwines all us together and allows us to live a life far beyond ourselves. Here goes!