Your Life’s One Percent


While researching ways to better motivate and engage middle school students I ran across a sales tactic called the “one percent.” It goes like this…

Every message has a 1% that gives life to the other 99. If you understand that 1% and successfully explain it to your audience then you can successfully move and motivate your audience.

Those who know me, know that I often reflect on life as if it’s a story being written before my eyes, co-authored by myself and my creator. Today, I’m taking it a step further and reflecting on the message my story conveys, or more specifically the 1%. What’s the immediate take away from the story I’m living or I guess since it’s not done yet, what do I hope the 1% of my life’s message ends up being?

What message do you hope your life conveys? Keep it simple? What your 1%?

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