Which Avenger Are You?

The AvengersYesterday afternoon I spent sometime with my family re-watching the Marvel Comics blockbuster film “The Avengers.” I remember originally seeing the film with a close friend, after which we briefly discussed which Avenger we felt was an extension of our own personalities, strengths, weakness, etc. I think, if I had my choice of which superhero I would like to be like, the obvious answer would be the playboy, millionaire, philanthropist, however that choice is not an accurate description of who I am, but is really more of which personality would be the most fun to be and since the questions was not “which hero would you like to be,” that answer is very insufficient. The question was which of the heroes is closest to the person that you are today. For me, It would have to be Thor, especially in the Avengers film.

man-fx-0096In the Marvel Film Universe, Thor is portrayed as a kind-hearted demi-god with a strong sense of justice and a weak spot for family. He is constantly fooled by his jealous and “mostly” evil half brother, Loki. His innocence allows him to be easily tricked into believing the lies of his half brother and despite all of the trickery, Thor remains extremely loyal to his brother ensuring his protection by bringing him back to their home planet at the end of the movie. This is the quality that Thor displays that best relates to me. Family and Friends are my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. I try my hardest to believe time and time again in those around me, even when I’m tricked, manipulated, or stabbed in the back.  I naturally choose to take the unusual risk to believe and trust even when it’s not the obvious response. I’m not one to give up easily when it involves the people I love. Loyalty is a trait that at times is very admirable and at other times it forces me to play the part of the fool. And although it’s humiliating, I just can’t make myself give up. I guess when it comes down to it, I believe that it’s the unusual risk of grace that might just save us all.  I know it’s what saved me!



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