There is a Voice

Longing For The Voice by Wojciech Dziadosz – Click on the picture to Check Him Out!

There is a voice, the voice of a phantom, a spirit, my Father. He speaks of things that are contrary to my nature but nonetheless feel a part of me: my true self revealed in his words. He asks of me things that are difficult yet worthwhile, seemingly impossible yet virtuous, and extremely painful yet exceedingly important. I’m speaking of this now because of the revelation that it’s quite possible that he is speaking to you as well. It is imperative that we speak the words of our Father. I want to know them; I want to hear them. Although, I ask you to consider, as you read this, that there is nothing in my life more absolute than these words. I’m surer about these things than anything else.

My father has called me to be his voice for the broken, beaten, and the damned. He’s asked me to look into dark places to cultivate light. He has required of me to believe and trust in people unconditionally, in spite of each person’s inability to do the same back. He encourages me to expect the beautiful and the wonderful and to continue to be surprised by the evil and the ugly. He’s taught me that cynicism breed’s darkness while faith, love, and trust produce immeasurable amounts of light. And to top it all off, he asks that I believe in his life, his words, and trust them above all else and so I trust these words, these ideas and thoughts. I will endure all forms of discouragement I receive for believing in these ideas and continue to try my hardest to live accordingly.

Very rarely do I stand on absolutes, for I really despise the lack of conversation that is a result of such an attitude. But as I stated before this is who I am and this is who I was born or re-born to be.

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