I’m Just a Kid with a Flashlight

Day 019 - Hemoglobin by cult_hero13. Just another kid with a flashlight... and a camera. Uploaded on Flickr

Words always fall short, especially in their ability to fully capture the essence of anything that’s infinite or immeasurable.  The way I see it, words are to truth & spirit what a child with a flashlight would be in an art museum with no lights: so much to be seen and yet with such an inadequate instrument the wonder and glory of the entire museum is completely lost.  And so it is with the relationship between words and truth, descriptions are just inadequate instruments that reveal only minuscule parts of a much greater, much more glorious realm, a world beyond our eyes.

And so I begin to wonder, are the words that make up the beautiful, almost all encompassing holy scriptures all there is?  Do those words, phrases, and sentiments contained between the two leather covers our bible add up to all that the world is, does it contain all that God meant for us to believe?  Why would God, who is immeasurable and infinite, describe himself and his kingdom, which is just as equally infinite and immeasurable using the limited scope our human words have to offer.  Words are not of his nature, they are of ours.  He didn’t just use any words, the ones that poured out of the minds of Moses, David, Peter, and Paul and so many more, were never JUST words.  God’s abilities lie not in words and intellect but in a presence and a power behind the words.  He has enlightened us several times over with those words and he will continue to forever and ever. George Macdonald explained it this way:

with vivid flashes of life and truth his words invade our darkness, rousing us with sharp stings of light, to will our awaking, to arise from the dead and cry for the light.”

-George Macdonald

We naturally crave a way to see in the dark, far beyond the scope of our own flashlights.  Two main points come to mind with this revelation.  The first one is as simple as carefully processing the words that come from my lips.  I should choose the combination of words that hold with them the force of another world.  I can shine the light at all that’s lovely and wonderful or I can shine it at all the crap. I can point my light at the paintings or I can point my light at the carpet.  The second one reveals the amazing and wonderful foresight of our creator.  He didn’t lock us alone in the darkened musuem.  The truth is the more people who use their light pointing in all the right places the more of the wonder and beauty we all get to see.  It turns out the answer Jesus brought with him was that seeing in the dark is as simple as uniting together in companionship, compassion, and community.  He didn’t leave the key to the kingdom on earth inside of ourself, but inside of ourselves!

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