God vs. Scrambled Eggs

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Ronald Rolheiser in his book, “Forgotten Among the Lillies” tells a story of a young man who came to him for confession.  He had been involved in an affair with a woman and as a result she had become pregnant.  Ronald described him as “being a sensitive person who needed no reminders that he had been irresponsible.  He made no attempt to rationalize or offer excuses.”  He goes on to explain how he understood the irrevocable brokenness or destruction that was to come as a consequence for his action.  The young man’s last words really summarized the sadness and hopelessness that plagued his soul at that moment: “There is no way I’ll ever live normally again, beyond this.  Even God can’t unscramble an egg.”

I read this and I couldn’t help but think about my own scrambled eggs, the mistakes I’ve encountered and the messes they’ve left behind.   Whether it be the decisions of a governing system (Presidents, Congressman), the hurtful decisions of friends or family, or just my own mistakes and consistent failures, these are things I can’t go back and change, things no one can go back and change.    And the cynic in me, the broken, scared, frustrated, stressed, and tired person I’ve been screams out pointing to the hopelessness, the pain, and the ugliness of everything around me.  I point to the idiots that I see instead of the innovators.  I point to the corrupt instead of the honorable, and It always seems I’m more willing to point to everyone’s mistakes instead of pointing toward their joys and successes.

It’s like I’m on a boat with Jesus down below and my first thought is to wake him up to point out the storm, resulting in the very same rebuke heard by the disciples: “O ye of little faith.” Cynicism is the tendency in all of us to point in the wrong direction.  Doesn’t the world have enough commentators willing to point at all that’s wrong in the world, where are the ones called to point in the opposite direction, to point to hope.  Where are the Christians who were called to be light to the world, to remind us there is hope amidst the pain.

I think it’s time for me to try and take my place as a true Christian, pointing to the “true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.” and if their is nothing around to point to, I guess it’s my job to make sure there is.

So maybe it’s true, God can’t unscramble an egg, but he can provide another one, and another one, and another one.  With God, it’s not about what you’ve done, but what are you going to do, now? I think that’s how we can always know God from all others, it’s always about what you’re going to do NOW!

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