“Never Leave Someone Behind” – *REWIND*

Running*Originally posted March 21st, 2007

Ok… so Jacob and I went running on Monday.  It was a perfectly beautiful day outside so we decided to go to the park near his house.  At first we were just walking aimlessly trying to figure out where and when to start running.  While we were walking we passed this guy on the trail, he caught our attention because he was wearing a hoodie and a beenie on a uniquely warm spring day. (He was probably trying to lose weight for sports or something.)

Anyway so, Jake and I finally start running, and then it happens, as it usually does, I eventually begin to slow down, laging behind just a little at first but slowly trailing further and further behind.  Jake’s not thinking much about it because like I said, it happens pretty regularly and I always catch up further down the path somewhere.

And here comes hoodie guy, passing us again going the opposite direction this time, as he passes very quickly and quietly,  he projects his voice so that only Jake could hear, he says “never leave someone behind.”  A few seconds later he’s passing me doing just the same and says, again very quickly and quietly with compassion in his voice, “go ahead, catch him.”

Isn’t it just like God to come right up to us and share the most beautiful picture of relationship and friendship.  “Never leave someone behind” and “Go ahead, catch him.”  Good life advice don’t you think?  True love never lets you trail behind and won’t let you get away.

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