The Constipation of Thought and The Rushing Waters of Friendship

Writer's Block

So things have been kind of slow here on the blog, don’t try and adjust your internet connection it’s just a symptom of this massive case of writer’s block I’ve been cursed with, as of late, my journal has suffered something to the same effect.  I hate the feeling that I have something to express but lack the mind frame in which is required of me to be capable of putting them to words.  There are only a handful of feelings more aggravating than that.  However, no matter how clogged my brain may be, it’s never too clogged to recognize the persistent, undying affection my soul has for a friend.  At the very mention of the name of a treasured friend many thoughts, emotions, and words come pouring out of me like the rushing waters of Niagara Falls.  I sat there for hours, my brain still fully clogged and bloated with all the valuable words of wisdom I long to share, and yet page after page had been filled with the wishes, longings, desires, and infinite supply of loving and affectionate thoughts that have found their residence within me, toward a friend. And yet all is done in vain, for I am left to wonder If these words will ever be heard, understood, or shared.  Which, by chance, happens to be even more of an aggravating feeling than that which I spoke of prior.

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