The Fall of Me

What was the original sin?  Was it as simple as one single moment of insubordination between man and God, or does it go deeper.  Was it just Adam or Eve who sinned that day? Is the world we live in solely the punishment for their sin?

When I read the story of the worlds first man and woman I see a story deeply rooted in the history between them and their creator.  I see a community, a fellowship, a deep relationship and connection between God and man that goes far beyond just a couple of days.  A story about a loving God sharing everything he has with all of mankind: life, beauty, and perfection.  All He longed for was for them to share in that life with Him, to share in the responsibilites and spend their life along side of Him, working together, living together, and loving each other. All He wanted was a partnership of love and respect.  And it was all going well until one day, something began to whisper in man’s ear.  Thoughts of independence and freedom found their way into the mind of man, and that’s when man really began to understand that it was possible to live life on his own terms with no regard to thoughts of their creator. They began to picture a world where man could keep a little bit of his own life for himself,  could eat of any fruit he wanted, a world where his choices seemed endless and boundless.  At that moment God began to seem more like a chain around their neck, God had become the captor and man was the captured.  Man’s imagination ran away with thoughts of a life lived for himself.  Greedy, self-serving happiness was the fruit that man began to hunger after.  It was the fruit of freedom that man believed he was eating, but to God it was the ultimate betrayal,  It was man standing and saying, thanks for creating me, thanks for loving me, thanks for everything, but this is my life and you’re just holding me back.  God was betrayed, man had forgotten the relationship and community they had with God, no longer was it important when compared to the freedom man had imagined. In one moment mankind took sole ownership of their existence and shouted, “It’s my life!”

Whether or not the story of the fruit, the tree and the serpent is exactly how the world began or not, it is most definitely the story of our lives. God’s telling our story, he’s telling the story of how I woke up today and decided to pick fruit off my favorite tree, the tree of of pride and arrogance. He’s telling the story of my first cigarette, my first experience with pornography, or of my own choice to walk through life living for me.  So the way I see it, the story of the fall of man is my story, and no doubt its your story as well.  It’s a story that up until now has ended with our broken hearts, our dying bodies, and our enslavement to our own sinful compulsions and habits.

Is this how the story ends?.  Is this how my brothers, sisters, friends, and children all have to live?  Are we all just doomed to this life of depravity, seperated from everything lovely, beautiful, and perfect?  Our story isn’t over, our story lives on.  Our story may involve a seperation and a betrayal but it continues because of an ever present, loving, merciful, and gracious God.  A God, who no matter how horriblly we betrayed him, still loves and longs for us to be a part of a community and a partnership with Him.  Although our perfection isn’t probable and may not even be possible while in our current state, God sent his Son, who came to bring us, as we are, back to the lovely, the beautiful, and the perfect through a relationship with Him.  This is our second chance! Our chance to have relationship with our Creator, the God who originally loved us, created us, and shared everything he had in a place called paradise.

And as exciting as that is, its all such an emotional roller coaster (like watching “Finding Nemo”), because we constantly ruin it.  We betray God and rob from each other.  All over again we proclaim, “It’s my life” and break our relationship with our creator and we cause harm to the community and body of Christ.  We insist our freedom to live for ourself to be more important than the relationship between Creator an created, between us and our friends, our family, and our entire community.

Whenever you begin to view life as something to be possessed community and relationship is shattered.  Even if it’s your own life in which you believe is yours, its as if you’re robbing the rest of the world of the gift that was given them as well.  It makes much more sense to say my life belongs to the community, to the body of Christ, and to God himself, because it’s then that your choices become well crafted and thought out decisions.  If a decision is seen to only effect yourself then it’s easier to make poor ones.  The truth is if we really believe that we were created to live for so much more than ourselves than when we choose to say “It’s my life” we are robbing the community and our Creator from a life that was meant to be lived along side of them.  “It’s my Life” implies we believe our life was meant to be lived for ourselves and has no impact on anyone else.  Is it your life?  The choices are yours, but does your life really only exist for you.  I long to live my life for more than myself, I pray that the community of people I surround myself with will help encourage me to offer myself even when I don’t feel it, both to the community and to my creator.  I pray that my life be about the reconcilation between me and my creator, and that I am capabable of living closer to things beautiful, and perfect, things like hope, love, friendship, community, and redemption.

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